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This service enables you to carry out your own property searches within the district of Cherwell. Further assistance can be obtained from the Economic Growth Service at Cherwell District Council: we are keen to help and can provide a range of information, advice and guidance.

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    Banbury Business Park , Trinity Way, Banbury

    3,406 Sq Ft (316.42 Sq M)

    Banbury Business Park, Somerville Court, Adderbury

    2,631 Sq Ft (244.42 Sq M)

    Banbury Office Village, Noral Way, Banbury

    1 to 100,000 Sq Ft (0.09 to 9,290 Sq M)

    Bloxham Mill, Barford Road

    180 to 8,800 Sq Ft (16.72 to 817.52 Sq M)

    CIE Building, Woodstock Road, Kidlington

    15,000 Sq Ft (1,393.5 Sq M)

    The Copse , Barford Road, Banbury

    1,000 to 9,650 Sq Ft (92.9 to 896.48 Sq M)